A WTC Mother Is Rebuffed By Sen. Edward's Office
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December 20, 2003

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From: Jan Gadiel

Re: Dogging A Democrat On Immigration, by Joe Guzzardi.

In the middle of October the 9/11 Families for a Secure America lobbied congress regarding the dangers of illegal immigration.  One of the congressional offices that I visited was that of Senator John Edwards (D-NC).

The Legislative Correspondent that we spoke to was a young man named Craig Saperstein. [ email him].

As we gave our views about the problems that illegals presented, this Craig Saperstein was extremely rude.  He asked no questions and made no responses at all.  Towards the end of our talk, I mentioned that, with the tremendous number of illegals in North Carolina, Edwards could set himself apart from the other Democratic presidential candidates by speaking out for border controls

Mr. Saperstein simply smirked and ended the dialog. 

Jan Gadiel [ email her]
Mother of James Gadiel age 23
World Trade Center Victim, North Tower 103rd Floor  

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