A Former U.S. Consular Officer Is Flabbergasted by WSJ's George Melloan
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December 23, 2003

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A WTC Mother Is Rebuffed By Sen. Edward's Office

A reader writes from inside the US Government's Consular Service:

From George Melloan's [email him] recent Global View column: [subscriber-only]

"The US has absorbed 20 million immigrants over the last two decades, most of then in the prime of their productive lives. Unlike the huddled masses entering the "golden door" of the Lazarus inscription, those coming in today are more often than not doctors, corporate transferees, computer specialists, and others with skills that expand the productive life of society."

Huh? Most of them are poor unskilled workers.

This remark is flabbergasting. Perhaps sheer ignorance helps explain the Wall Street Journal's view on immigration.

Anyway, after serving as a consular officer in the Dominican Republic (and being a native Californian), I have become a huge fan of VDARE.com and of immigration reform.

Peter Brimelow comments: "More often than not…"? In fact, the deterioration in relative skill levels of the flow produced by the 1965 Immigration Act is one of the best-established conclusions in the technical literature. We had hopes for old George Melloan, the last survivor of the old Midwestern Wall Street Journal now that Bob Bartley has passed on.  Either we were wrong—or the neoconservative commissars who now control the Edit Page are rewriting his column.

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