A Displaced Techie Broods On Eco-Terrorism
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December 15, 2003

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A Reader Reports On The "Racism" Detector

From:  Randall Burns [email him]

I understand that VDARE.COM runs syndicated columnists who don't always address the National Question.

However, in her column Fumento vs. The Tofu-Breath Terrorists, Michelle Malkin touched on a topic that is in fact rather important to the National Question.

What is the connection between Eco-Terrorism and the National Question? Quite simply: Not all Americans have been affected the same by mass immigration. In particular, those of us of British descent have had a substantial contraction in relative numbers since the mass immigration of the early 1900s.

When a people face a tragedy like the 20th century was for these descendents of the American Pioneers, they frequently seek out radically different religious or moral systems—some of which are violent. The growth of both ecological fundamentalism and religious fundamentalism (in which this group is also quite active) can be seen in this light.

Silicon Valley is full right now of bitter, displaced or underemployed technologists that have been negatively affected by the H-1b/L1 worker replacement programs. For example, Chiron—the object of the attacks mentioned—has applied for 49 such visas (which out of 2200 US employees isn't especially heavy use of that program).

It simply isn't an accident that Eco-terrorism is focused in an area in which white American families are being displaced. When you weed out the people of a culture most inclined to flee, you are left with those most inclined to fight.

Silicon Valley is the home of a technically adept work force that is angry and alienated. Bill Joy for example recently left the company he had founded - and was seriously pondering if technology was a good idea in the big scheme of things after all.

If a technical leader, sitting on several millions of dollars, is talking about that, what do you think it feels like to those with dead-end jobs, no families, no future that are now in the Valley?

Corporate leaders promised these men the American Dream and simply didn't deliver. Eco-terrorists are one of the groups that is willing to give a voice to the anger that arises with shattered faith in technology and free markets among those with technical abilities.

In the absence of massive displacement of American workers through H-1b/L1 and illegal immigration, those with the self-discipline it takes to mount effective terrorist attacks without being caught would be busily at work.

No, those that are mounting the attacks probably aren't the engineers themselves. But it is clearly documented for example that Tim McVeigh was assisted in his bomb-making episodes by an alienated, unemployed chemist.

Corporate America has treated its technologists as disposable—and now someone else is making use of the community that has been thrown away.

What does a technically-inclined young man do when biotech is being presented as "the future" - and he's seeing his father or older brother being disposed of?

We are seeing here creation of a force of young men - some quite talented - who are opting out of many American norms.

This problem is significant and will require serious leadership to address.

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