A Woman Writes To Say That FGM Is Form Of "Pre-Emptive Castration"
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Re: Brenda Walker's blog post NEW YORK TIMES Admits Female Genital Mutilation Is an Immigrant Crime

From: A Woman In Britain [Email her] If we're going to import these animals who do this to women and girls, we should at least get to set the terms of the argument. It's not "cutting",(the term used by the New York Times) it's "pre-emptive castration", because apparently their women are so eager that they can't be trusted with body parts.

James Fulford writes: The custom has been referred to as "female circumcision" which gives an entirely wrong idea of what's done. The commonest form of FGM is the surgical removal of the clitoris, which is done to prevent the victim from having orgasms.

This is intended to discourage illicit sexual activity among Muslim women in Africa . If you're thinking that it would cause them to lose interest in marriage and marital relations, you may be right, but their culture has a tradition of forced marriage and indeed, of forced marital relations.

This is pretty awful, but the really awful thing is that this custom is being imported to the West, along with the people who practice it.

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