A Southwestern Reader Reports H-E-B Grocery Chain Profiteering Off The "Humanitarian Crisis" Caused By Their Future Employees
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Re: Michelle Malkin's article Military Bases: Obama’s New Illegal Alien Dumping Grounds

From: A Southwestern Reader [Email him]

The facilities in Arizona were so overwhelmed by illegals lured by Obama's promises, they had to ship the future Dreamers back to Texas, where the Obama crowd put them up in a Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

Allan Wall posted several years ago about how the Butt grocery chain (H-E-B) has done everything possible to facilitate the entry of more illegals into the country.

H-E-B, whose grocery stores are ubiquitous  throughout Texas, specializes in hiring illegals.

Well, guess what? The HEB grocery chain [Contact them] is doing its part helping out the Obama Regime deal with this mess as they try to legalize and turn all the foreign youngsters into voting citizens—the photo of their trailers above comes from Immigration Shelter Photos: Feds Treat Illegal Aliens Better Than Veterans, InfoWars.com,June 12, 2014

James Fulford writes: I'm sure the billionaires who own H-E-B are happy to supply food to illegals at a Federal facility. I don't think they even thought of doing it for free.


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