A Tennessee Reader Says Americans Should Feel Entitled
June 28, 2009, 05:00 AM
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From: Kit Brewer (

Letter writer Merry Li is concerned because Philip Sanchez conveys a "sense of entitlement" about his daughter`s university admission prospects.


Since Sanchez`s daughter is an American applying to an American school, it`s completely appropriate for both father and daughter to feel that she has an edge over foreign-born students.

Does Li think that my ancestors, who arrived here while America was still a colony, fought wars and made sacrifices to see their descendants passed over in the workplace and academia in favor of foreigners?  I think not.

If history is our guide, Americans on a level playing field will accomplish more than any other nation. 

Without American technology the Chinese and Indians wouldn`t even have electricity.  A combined 2.5 billion have yet to produce an Edison, a Bell, a Franklin, or even a Henry Ford.  China`s last great invention was....gunpowder India`s was....yoga?

Please.  Both American culture and DNA are superior. That`s why Li is here instead of in China.   

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