A Tennessee Reader Says Americans Should Feel Entitled
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From: Kit Brewer (

Letter writer Merry Li is concerned because Philip Sanchez conveys a "sense of entitlement" about his daughter's university admission prospects.


Since Sanchez's daughter is an American applying to an American school, it's completely appropriate for both father and daughter to feel that she has an edge over foreign-born students.

Does Li think that my ancestors, who arrived here while America was still a colony, fought wars and made sacrifices to see their descendants passed over in the workplace and academia in favor of foreigners?  I think not.

If history is our guide, Americans on a level playing field will accomplish more than any other nation. 

Without American technology the Chinese and Indians wouldn't even have electricity.  A combined 2.5 billion have yet to produce an Edison, a Bell, a Franklin, or even a Henry Ford.  China's last great invention was....gunpowder India's was....yoga?

Please.  Both American culture and DNA are superior. That's why Li is here instead of in China.   

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