A West Texas Reader Says Trump Is Still Hammering Illegals Who Kill
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Re: James Fulford's article Trump On Refugees And Legal Immigrants—The VDARE.com Annotated Transcript

A West Texas Reader [Email him]

I have not been able to go to a Trump rally, so I often watch them on YouTube. Regarding Trump supposedly softening on immigration, I'd say he's steady as a rock.

His recent rally in Austin, Texas featured mothers of children killed by illegal aliens. The dinosaur media labors hard to suppress news of illegal aliens committing crime.

Regarding the dinosaur media dis-information attempt about Trump "softening" on immigration—just last week Trump brought those moms up to the rally stage—and gave them the microphone.

That night he continued the conversation on Hannity. Including the report of how a  repeat-offender illegal alien drunk driver killed Sarah Root, a 21-year-old recent college grad with a 4.0 GPA.

On the issue of refugees from terror-countries, when asked by Hannity about letting in immigrants coming from sharia-law countries, Trump quickly replied, "No, never."

Trump has been consistent in this. Below is a link to another YouTube video, dated July 10, 2015. So for the entire campaign, Donald J. Trump has consistently put the problem of illegal aliens committing homicide and other violent crimes front and center.

VDARE .com was reporting on this years ago:

Four-year-old Christopher “Buddy” Rowe was killed last August as he walked with his mom and two sisters on the way to soccer practice. He lagged a bit behind the others and was struck in the marked crosswalk and flew 80 feet when hit by illegal alien Marcos Lopez Garcia.

The illegal then sped off and switched cars to evade authorities, but was seen by a concerned citizen, Leroy Flach, who contacted police. Otherwise the killer might have successfully reached Mexico, as he was planning, and thereby escaped justice entirely. Garcia was arrested later on the day of the crash.

The AP story below about Friday’s sentencing as well as the local Santa Rosa Democrat both soft-pedaled the harsh illegal alien aspect of the crime, namely that it might have been prevented with proper law enforcement strategies. Neither mentioned that Garcia had been arrested twice before for unlicensed driving but was released rather than deported.

Illegal Alien Crosswalk Killer Is Sentenced in Santa Rosa, by Brenda Walker June 30, 2012,

In the course of solving this horrific failure in immigration policy, many other failures involving immigration will be corrected. The laws are already on the books. We just need a president who will enforce those laws. America first!
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