A Reader Reports Gay Washingtonians Who Support The Importation Of Syrians Who Hate Them.
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From: A DC Reader [Email him]

I had an interesting experience at the Washington Monument rally for Muslim immigration on Sunday. A fanatical group of Liberals (is there any other kind?) was gathered to demand a full flow of Muslim refugees into the USA. [Liberals Rally Against Syrian Refugee Reality, by Edmund Kozak , Polizette, August 28, 2016]

The Unitarian Church leader was the craziest. (Hey, he heads a fake church with no doctrine, no beliefs, all inclusive including Satanists and Atheists—all that is required is that you have a compulsive need to feel good about yourself and a need to signal your TOLERANCE to others).

The rally had a really excellent group of gay men demanding TOLERANCE for Muslims. [Pro-refugee activists rally at Washington Monument, Washington Blade, August 28, 2016]You see “TOLERANCE” is an absolute with these types. because in truth they are always talking about themselves, no matter what the ostensible subject matter.

I reminded them that they were demanding TOLERANCE for a religion that commands that they be thrown off a high building head first into the concrete. The gays looked at me like I farted at their birthday party. I spoiled the whole festive mood for them. They called me a racist and, of course, “a homophobe” (!) and a “redneck” which I can live with and “unemployable” which did bother me a bit. But it all didn’t last long.

They took their happy pills and were back at celebrating “TOLERANCE”.


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