A Washington State Reader Protests More Propaganda From Slate
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From Jeremy Dunn [Email him]

I happened to catch an online article on SLATE that was informing us that the good old racists in  America are dumping the KKK but unfortunately are joining a plethora of "hate groups" that were rising in number.[Ku Klux Kontraction | How did the KKK lose nearly one-third of its chapters in one year? By Brian Palmer, March 8, 2012]

These new groups are unusually clever at dressing up "hate" in a more sophisticated fashion. They used the SPLC to declare that American Renaissance was a white supremacist group.

I doubt that these online writers even bother to go to any of these websites to research what they say. I have come to the conclusion that liberals (mostly) discern no differences between race realists, segregationists or supremacists. The second you dissent from their view you are a “supremacist."

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James Fulford writes: The SPLC keeps declaring new groups, and new kinds of groups, to be “hate groups.”  Then they issue bulletins saying that the number of hate groups has increased. It’s logically circular.  As for Slate, they’ve always been terrible on this subject—their editor is a man named Jacob Weisberg, who was pretty nutty even before the Internet. See his review of Alien Nation, for example. As for the Slate Explainer article, it does actually have a link to amren.com, but it says this:

American Renaissance, for example, caters to ‘suit-and-tie’ racists, offering pseudo-scientific papers on white supremacy. The group even holds conferences at a hotel near Dulles airport in Virginia.”

Aside from the fascination with the AR conference’s dress code, they seem to have missed entirely the story of the persecution of American Renaissance for the past two years whenever it tries to hold a conference. The next conference is being held next weekend, not at a hotel near Dulles. See details here.

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