A Hispanic Reader In Houston Thinks We’re Ignorant
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Re: Nothing In Particular, As Far As We Can Tell

From: Davis Martinez [Email him]

You know the more I see these types of websites, the better I feel about "my type" of people. YOU PEOPLE ARE SO IGNORANT. Think about it dumbf*cks.... you are not from this country. You f*cked the indians out of this country and you f*cked the mexicans out of this country. Now that we are more civilized they are f*cking you out of A COUNTRY WHICH IS NOT YOURS and never was yours to begin with. So all this bullsh*t that you are doing to keep illegals out is NOT GONNA WORK!!!! You racist hitler worshipping bastards go get a job or do something constructive with your time. Stop embarassing yourselves. With the amount of illegals and their families WHO ARE LEGAL in this country, you might as well call it quits, turn around and give up the booty holes.

James Fulford writes: The more I see of this type of email, the worse I feel about Hispanic assimilation. Mr. Martinez is a presumably a native-born American, and a graduate of a Texas high school. But his loyalty is elsewhere. 

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