A Washington State Reader Agrees On Medved And Riley Vs. Heather Mac Donald
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Re: Heather Mac Donald Debates Jason Riley Limply On Medved Show

From: Dan Dunham (e-mail him)

I agree so much with Gerald Martin's view regarding this "debate" and am particularly in agreement with Martin's description of Michael Medved [email him] as having "morphed into one of the most vicious and arrogant neocon pundits".

On some cultural topics he is lucid and seems honest. But when the immigration (or more so the invasion) topic comes up he becomes a bully and quite sophomoric in his tactics of debate. Sadly, we are truly locked out of any honest voice regarding immigration on his station (locally KTTH) except for Savage.

Usually I just turn Medved off when immigration is his topic for the hour, but this time I did listen to the entire gang-up he and Jason Riley did on Mac Donald. I kept waiting and hoping she would give him a better argument for her side. But no such luck! Anyway, what the hell is deplorable about admitting that there are some features of Latin culture we could do without?

The question he asked her, that caused such a long pause, was (paraphrasing) "would Mac Donald prefer an unskilled laborer from Taiwan over one such from Mexico". Why not admit that the Taiwanese culture is probably more capable of assimilating in the U.S. since his children will be more likely to appreciate the value of education than the Mexican immigrants have shown themselves to be.

Medved is simply a dishonest jerk when callers try to voice concern about this concern.

Dunham, who has an M.S. in mathematics, is a semi-retired statistician and software engineer who runs a home-based business. His previous letter is here.

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