A Washington State Reader Says Diversity Video Reminds Him Of Nazi-Style Propaganda
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[See Joe Guzzardi's follow-up column "Mirrors Of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible": A Dishonest DVD About Race In America]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Mirrors Of Privilege: Whites Are Guilty, Case Closed!

From: Dan Dunham (e-mail him)

The video Guzzardi reported on, "Mirrors of Privilege," has the same tone and goals from another era this century.

In the propaganda of the Nazi regime before and during World War II, the Jews were depicted as the cause of all of mankind's troubles. And eventually Jews were regarded as "not quite human" and as a matter of German state policy he was "sub-human".

What eventually evolved out of that line of thinking was that killing a Jew wasn"t really murder after all.

Recently, I had a fellow church member come over to my house for a visit. He voiced his concern of how evil the "white man," as he referred to him, is and how much we have to atone for.

I was amazed. Has history been neglected for so long we forget what man can do to man, regardless of his skin color, race, and even education?

What a way to go, eh? Whites will be the new Jews of our time. Reason your way out of that one!

Dunham, who has an M.S. in mathematics, is a semi-retired statistician and software engineer who runs a home-based business.

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