A Reader Wonders Why The Candidates Want To Put Hispanic Illegals On A Path To Citizenship
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From June Venable [Email her]

Why in Heaven's name do the presidential contenders want to put Hispanic illegals on the famous "path to citizenship?"

Do they care that most of them have no intention of living up to the promises they make when they take the oath of citizenship?

I'm sure it's the same old story – either they think they'll get the vote, feel they have the power that they can maneuver these people or they get a payoff. I think it's all three. I'm thoroughly disgusted with those  who run this country and what has happened to our wonderful nation. I'm also waiting for someone, anyone, to answer my question. When they say, we can't deport 10 million (double that), I ask why? The road they sneaked in on runs both ways. If they are given 60 days to leave or go to prison, they'd go. Or if Mexico and the other countries who urge their citizens to break our laws were cut off from all financial aid and relations with the U.S., they'd recall them.

It would not be an insurmountable task for anyone with a spine but seems there are none to be found in Washington.

Venable is a retired elementary school teacher whose great-grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War when he was fourteen. Her previous letter is here.

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