A Virginia Reader Reports Plans For Alarming Levels Of Population Replacement In Sweden
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From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

This linked video was just released by Red Ice Radio and appears to be a well documented account of the forced demographic changes being imposed by the Swedish government and endorsed (or at least not openly opposed) by most of the ruling class. This includes discrimination against the native Swedes with regards to housing and other government benefits. These changes are nearly Stalinist in their methodology, including seizing private property, and even destroying historic churches to accommodate the immigrant replacement population. See Sailer's Democratic Norway v. Authoritarian Sweden: Norwegians Are Allowed To Reject Asylum Seekers.

After viewing the mindset of these policies being advocated by some Swedish leaders I am left with a sinking feeling in my gut as I have no idea how a nation, with no apparent trauma, nor internal or external causation, could degenerate into a cult of self-inflicted genocide. These people are beyond sick in their hatred for their own countrymen. This is unprecedented in human history.

Again, recalling the Stalinist era analogy these genocidal leaders will never be sated until they eliminate their own historic culture and countrymen. Sweden is unfortunately providing an example of the extreme stages of diseased minds who favor barbarous “diversity” over whites and Western Civilization.

And those in other Western nations should not feel secure because there are elites in your lands of the same orientation. Are the ultimate objectives of Barack Obama, Jeb Bush, or Britain’s Labour Party, et. al. much different than the Swedish leaders? I think not.

Fortunately, there is resistance forming to these policies by the Swedish Democrat Party and others. Given the entrenched power structure in Sweden it may require an outright revolution to save the Swedish people and their nation.

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