A VDARE.com Supporter Reports Reader Resistance In NR’s Comment Section
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post Rich Lowry And The Fainting Couch

From: An Anonymous VDARE.com Supporter [Email him]

You may be heartened to know that the  comment below is now the top-rated of the 343 comments thus far on the article, having accrued 26 upvotes:

"Consistent with NR's much-ballyhooed deference to tradition, did you avail yourself of the same Victorian artifact [the Fainting Couch, right] before you, twice in as many years, summarily Derbyshired your two best writers John Derbyshire and Mark Steyn, the former for daring to engage the very "conversation about race"—in another publication at that—for which Reasonable People have supposedly forever yearned? Or did Adelson's Millions cushion the fall?" [Links Added by VDARE.com]

Happy New Year!



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