A Southern Republican Says Boehner Shouldn't Count On Being Speaker Again On January 6
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From: F. J. Wheeler[Email him]

There is at least a movement among conservative Republicans in the U.S. House to get rid of Boehner as Speaker of the House. The rules allow for a Second Vote on January 6. There is a minimum but achievable number to get the vote on the floor.

Many members fear his powers of retaliation—taking away committee positions, etc—but the seething anger of of Republican grassroots and and the Tea Parties is boiling over and into the laps of all but the most insulated members.

I did a little email survey of the members of the Republican Men's Club in the Southern state where I live.(The Republican Men's Club is actually about 10 percent women, although the women have their own club) . Only 21 members of 80 responded, but that was fairly good for an email survey over the holidays. Less than 10 percent favored retaining Boehner as speaker. Over 90 percent oppose his reelection. Judging by their comments, at least 75 percent strongly oppose Boehner. McConnell also received the endorsement of less than 10 percent, and another 20 percent were undecided, whereas no one was undecided about Boehner. Although 70 percent opposed McConnell as Senate Majority Leader, there was much less vehement anger in expressing their opposition to him.

Of those who responded to the survey, about 90 percent were active leaders and volunteers for the GOP in the 2014 election. Including generous County Republican donors and those active in the 2012 campaign it was 100 percent. In this county, there is about 30 percent overlap between GOP and Tea Party conservatives, and we have been able to pull together for general elections, although it was more difficult for one race this year.

I believe if Boehner gets re-elected Speaker, the drop out rate of both grassroots Republicans and supporting Tea Party members is going to the bottom. By the way, the vast majority of active Tea Party members here have been registered Republicans rather than Unaffiliated. A large number of those, however, are already leaving or talking of leaving the GOP.

Nominating Jeb Bush or some other amnesty or social-liberal accomodationist with only nominal, lip-service allegiance to the Constitution is likely to be the last memory of the Republican Party outside of academic research.

No advice from Chuck Schumer, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, or La Raza will be able to pull them out of their suicidal stiffing of American workers to benefit the advocates of cheap global labor and social nonsense.

The move to remove Boehner is stirring up in this part of the country, but to be successful, it must spread and very quickly. January 6 is the day of opportunity.

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