Stephen Steinlight Passes On A Joke To VDARE.COM
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01/14/07 - A Texas Reader Notes MSM Censorship—And How To Get Around It

From: Stephen Steinlight [email him]

The wonderful little email was sent to me by an old high school friend. I pass it along to you with my hearty blessings!

Strict approach, I suppose, maybe even a tad Draconian—but my experience as a professor teaching often lazy students taught me that if you set high standards and show people you will accept nothing less than strong performances they are far more apt to strive for them.

 New Telephone Greeting:

(Wouldn't it be pretty amazing if this caught on, all over the country...?)


"Press '1' if you speak English.  Press '2' to disconnect until you can."

Stephen Steinlight is Senior Policy Analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies, and an old friend.
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