A Florida Reader Wants To Spit Because A Manhattan Restaurant Is In The Soup
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From: A Florida Reader

I came across this article in today's 1/17 New York Times and I'm so angry I could just spit!

"In short, he is a perfectionist who is accustomed to being liked. All of which helps explain why Mr. Boulud, 51, cannot grasp why a group of restaurant-worker advocates keep showing up outside Daniel [a Manhattan restaurant] with a 12-foot inflatable cockroach, singing 'We Shall Overcome' and chanting that he is a racist.

" 'Racism is a vicious charge,' Mr. Boulud said in an interview. 'It is too easy to accuse someone of that, and it is very hard to defend yourself.'

"And yet Mr. Boulud is being forced to do just that. In December, seven current and former employees filed suit in Federal District Court in Manhattan accusing him of discrimination. Similar charges against Mr. Boulud are before the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

"According to the lawsuit, dining room workers at Daniel have been denied promotion because they were Latino or Bangladeshi. The employees also say that Mr. Boulud and other managers yelled racial slurs. At one point, they say, Spanish was banned among employees; only English and French were allowed. Those are examples, they say, of how the working culture at Daniel favors white Europeans at the expense of other groups.

"Until recently Mr. Boulud has chosen not to speak publicly about the charges. He concedes that he could just settle out of court and make his headaches go away, but he said that would imply that he is guilty."

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So much for "doing jobs Americans don't want to do". How much do you want to bet that the Mexicans (and others) involved in this lawsuit are ILLEGALS?! So they feel they are being discriminated against because he won't let them speak Spanish??? Gee I can't imagine why anyone owning a top notch FRENCH restaurant in the United States would want his employees to know how to speak French and/or English?!?

Anyone who ever worked with a famous (or even not so famous) chef knows that chefs can be temperamental and most yell a lot—these poor things had to listen to a swear word or two?!?

More whining by immigrants who are looking to access the "American Dream" by suing (with FREE legal assistance) a hardworking business owner who gave them jobs where they could earn $40,000/year as a BUSBOY & a waiter earns $70,000/year!

I agree with the following:

"Others said that workers who went to ROC [The Restaurant Opportunities Center Of New York, which advocates for restaurant workers whether they're illegal or not] were simply looking for a quick payout and didn't have the skills or motivation to be waiters at Daniel, one of the finest French restaurants in the country."

Of course their "poor working conditions" were never so terrible as to cause these people to return to their homeland—what a surprise!

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