A Union Reader Points Out That Immigration is a "Harvard Plan For The Working Man"
January 20, 2007, 04:00 AM
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From (name withheld)

Re: Could the AFL-CIO be waking up on Immigration?

I worked for the AFL-CIO for many years and I have been appalled by its recent stand on immigration and cannot tell you how happy I am to see it may be coming to its senses. I hit a number of blogs and it is not at all unusual to have rank and file members blogging against expanded immigration and illegal immigration AND including their local union identity. I have a feeling some of these folks may have started screaming.

The thing we have to remember and hammer home is this: The people supporting massive immigration are the people who are least affected by it. It isn`t their neighborhoods that are being filled with boarding houses that used to be single family homes and that are becoming open air labor markets. It`s not their children`s schools that are being destroyed by ESL, gangs, and lowered standards. The illegal workers aren`t competing with them to head think tanks or driving down their wages.

By the way, the heads of the two most rabidly pro-illegal unions (SEIU and UNITE-HERE) are Ivy-Leaguers. Isn`t that rich?