A Union Reader Points Out That Immigration is a "Harvard Plan For The Working Man"
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From (name withheld)

Re: Could the AFL-CIO be waking up on Immigration?

I worked for the AFL-CIO for many years and I have been appalled by its recent stand on immigration and cannot tell you how happy I am to see it may be coming to its senses. I hit a number of blogs and it is not at all unusual to have rank and file members blogging against expanded immigration and illegal immigration AND including their local union identity. I have a feeling some of these folks may have started screaming.

The thing we have to remember and hammer home is this: The people supporting massive immigration are the people who are least affected by it. It isn't their neighborhoods that are being filled with boarding houses that used to be single family homes and that are becoming open air labor markets. It's not their children's schools that are being destroyed by ESL, gangs, and lowered standards. The illegal workers aren't competing with them to head think tanks or driving down their wages.

By the way, the heads of the two most rabidly pro-illegal unions (SEIU and UNITE-HERE) are Ivy-Leaguers. Isn't that rich?

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