A Hmong Reader Writes That Minorities Are Touchy And Violent—Proposes New Definition Of Self Defense
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01/18/07 - A Hispanic Reader Says We're Getting More Hispanics Whether We Need Them Or Not

From: Mai Lor [send email]

Re: Hmong Shooter Picks Wrong Victim

This title of your article is very offensive! How could you state that the Hmong Shooter picked the wrong victim! How do YOU know that was really what happened! His fiancée would of course stick up for him, cause who is he to her?—da! the fiancée.

If she was covering her fiancée up, she would also be a partner in the killing. If she was there and the Hmong shooter wanted to kill him, wouldn't Cha have attacked his fiancée as well! I really think that these words are really racial intended and when it comes to racial tension, Caucasians really pick at minorities thinking how funny they must be, when in reality, they're asking for a fight.

What are their real intentions of doing this? Do they really think that this is fun and just a game?  That's what causes confrontation. What's next, then they think it's funny to scare the minority off by doing something stupid like those that Chai Vang killed. They thought, it must be funny to fire at the Hmong guy while he's walking away. What does Chai think, "of course, they're firing at me, they're trying to kill me." What does he have to do in return, that's right, self defense, which would trigger the minority to fight for himself.

I want to share a very stupid occurrence here in my town. While on the school bus, a very obnoxious Caucasian girl got attacked by two Mexican girls. The Caucasian girl have been picking on the Mexican girls and they got sooooooooooooooooooo fed up with the Caucasian girl's stupid brought up life by trying to be the bully and being soooo proud of herself thinking she is sooo funny by picking on others just because they are minorities; they decided to teach her a very good lesson that her parents would not teach.

They beat her up in the bus and what comes down to this, self defense. Should I say, Caucasian bully picks wrong victims! I think that taught her a very good lesson and what comes down to this, she wanted to be beaten up so she could shut up for the rest of her life. What if they seriously wounded her, that would have been a very good lesson for racial tension.

I believe that in order to live amongst one another, we must learn to appreciate other cultures as well. If parents can not teach their children to behave and if they misbehave and get taught a lesson that the parents ignore, parents should be the ones to blame because of their lack of thought and their ways they've taught their child, they've caused their child's life in danger and who should really be at fault, the parents!

America needs to fix this, and the reason why they can't is because, this whole country, did not belong to them in the first place. Should I say, they stole it from the natives. I am an Asian American. Do not understand the fact that Caucasians seem to think that they are the only AMERICANS! This is a free country and we were invited to stay here freely by your government, if you don't agree - take it with your government, not our people!

I am Hmong!

James Fulford writes: The white ex-convict in the case, James Nichols, has been charged with the murder of Cha Vang, since he seems to have lied about the circumstances of the fight, and tried to make it look like he was hunting with an air rifle, rather than a shotgun. (Ex-convicts aren't allowed to own real firearms, even to hunt squirrels.)

It is now impossible, barring a confession by Nichols, to know what really happened, or who was the aggressor.  The racial aspect of it maybe causing more trouble for Nichols:

"Though friends have said Nichols isn't racist, the criminal complaint alleges he made some disparaging remarks about the Hmong while talking with police, saying that 'the Hmong group are bad,' and another time, in regards to game hunting, said, 'The Hmong are mean and kill everything that moves.' [Nichols Charged with Murdering Cha Vang, Jan 17, 2007 by Emily Matesic and Elizabeth Ries, WBAY.com]

If Nichols was motivated by racial motives, that will presumably be considered an aggravating factor. In contrast, when minorities are motivated by race, it's apparently considered a mitigating factor, as in the famous Colin Ferguson "Black Rage" defense:

"Noted criminal defense specialists William M. Kunstler and Ronald L. Kuby took Ferguson's case. They attempted to introduce a 'black rage' defense on Ferguson's behalf. They argued that years of living in an oppressive, race-biased society had so affected Ferguson's mind that he was not acting willfully when he opened fire on unarmed commuters."

But there's no indication that the white girl who was beaten up by two Mexican girls had ever done anything violent, just that she (allegedly) said things that the Mexican girls considered "obnoxious." Reader Mai Lor's definition of self-defense seems a little, well, pre-emptive.

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