A San Francisco Reader Calls For "Repeal"
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From: A San Francisco Reader

Do you suppose we could make our movement about "Repeal?" As in, "Repeal the Immigration Act of 1965"?

Many in the public don't even know about this law. Many feel that immigration is normal and inevitable in American life, the way snow falling is in winter.

Letting them know that a mere law brought it all about recasts the debate. It shows people that immigration is in fact optional and exceptional in our history.

"Repeal the Act" gives us an actual, tangible piece of legislation (gone awry, at that) to fight against. The cry "Stop Immigration Now" can be derided by our opponents as hopeless an exhortation as King Canute's against the sea that lapped around his royal slippers. "Repeal Public Law 89-236", on the other hand, proposes nothing more daunting than the stroke of a pen.

"Repeal" is a bite-sized slogan that has famously succeeded before.

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