A Texas Reader Wonders If Movies With A "Get Whitey" Message Have Already Had An Effect
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From:  Jeff Farmer [Email him]

Re: More Machetes: And Where Is The Catholic Church?—Cheering "Latino Power" On

At the risk of seeming disrespectful of Rob Sanchez' review, I probably won't see Machete in the theatre. I did see the trailer when I saw Grindhouse a few years ago, so I can imagine all too well what the full-length movie is like, For what it's worth, an anti-American coworker (from Norway) of mine saw Machete last weekend. She told the rest of us the following Monday that it was great. So considering the source, I know to avoid it!

(However, simply for the sake of knowing one's enemy, I might consider renting Machete when it's released on DVD.)

Sanchez' mention of Blaxploitation movies made me think. I wasn't old enough to see any of these movies when they came out in the 70s (I never would have wanted to, plus my parents would have forbidden it.) But judging from the trailers and video boxes I've seen, some of them must have been incredibly crazy and violent. I even remember seeing a commercial on TV for The Black Gestapo (no joke.)

By no means am I an authority on this kind of movies, and perhaps others would dismiss them as mere escapism. But when one considers the amount of black-on-white crime that goes on in this country, and the atmosphere of Political Correctness that has seized us by the throat (as so ably reported by gentlemen like Nicholas Stix), I can't help but wonder if Blaxploitation movies with a "get whitey" message have indeed had some kind of awful effect upon people with impressionable minds.

Like Mr. Sanchez, I can't help but be concerned that movies like Machete will contribute to hatefulness and violence against whites (or anyone else, to be fair.)

As a Texan, I'm sickened by the fact that my tax dollars paid for Machete.

As for Robert Rodriguez's own comments denying the evil and inflammatory nature of his movie, I am reminded of two verses of Scripture (Proverbs 26: 18 and 19, KJV) that I'd like to share:

As a mad man who casteth firebrands, arrows and death,

So is the man that deceiveth his neighbour,

And saith, Am not I in sport?

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