A Reader Adds Fuel To The Fire Of Koran Burning By Suggesting An Alternative Bonfire: Immigration Enthusiast Books
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09/11/10 - A Dearbornistan Reader Notes Creeping Sharia Stems From One Root: Immigration

From:  Dale Gribble (e-mail him)

James Fulford's Article: Koran Burning, Mosque Building, And The First Amendment

My 9-11 reflection on the minister's proposed Quran burnings and the neo-con/lib establishment's paroxysms of panic: Islam has been the way it is for a long time. Recently the American establishment thought it to be our business to adapt to it when we import large numbers of its adherents to America. As VDARE.com writers have argued our crisis comes from an ideology that calls on us to invite the world and conquer the world. The invade/invite ideology has failed us. Time to schedule some book burnings of—take your pick—globalist neo-con or liberal writers' work,  I think.

James Fulford writes: The thing that makes this kind of book-burning benign is that you do it with your own property, which might be a problem with new, expensive, immigration enthusiast books. Besides, it puts money in the authors' pockets, which they will just use to pay their illegal nannies. But I note that Fresh Blood: The New American Immigrants, by Sanford Ungar [Email him] is available on Amazon.com starting at a penny.

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