David Frum On Mexifornia And, Er, Us? Etc.
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The Fulford File, By James Fulford

David Frum, praising Victor Davis Hanson's new book, Mexifornia:

"Yet Hanson does not belong to the immigration-is-inherently-a-catastrophe school. He is not a ranter nor a blamer. "
Nancy Reagan, listening to the 41st President promising a kinder, gentler America:

"Kinder and gentler than who?"

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Hate Speech Part One

A member of Congress has stated that Mexicans should stay home, that those Mexicans who think that "in the United States the easy life, in which they own everything they wish awaits for them" are chasing a mirage.

This same member of Congress suggested that if parties of ten or fifteen illegals are paying smugglers $5,000 apiece to help them across the border, they might consider pooling the money, and starting a small business in Mexico, where they belong.

Normally, we would expect Karl Rove to punish this kind of talk. We would see the offender being stripped of all party honors,  to the cheers of the Righteous Right.

Unfortunately, the offender is

Eugenia Villaseñor, a Mexican congresswoman from the state of Sonora.

Karl Rove can't touch her. Yet.

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Hate Speech Part Two

Jan Harder, a city councillor in Ottawa, Canada's federal capital, was asked to withdraw/ apologise/ resign after she referred to some non-whites who came into her community looking to cause trouble, as "non-whites come into our community looking to cause trouble."

The occasion for her remarks was a stabbing that took place at a local festival called Barrhaven Days. A group of young men, apparently described by witnesses as non-white, came prepared with baseball bats and other weapons.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, there was a certain amount of violence:

"Ms. Harder made her comments a day after the city's equity and diversity advisory committee asked her to retract the 'non-whites' comments, calling them 'unhelpful and inappropriate.' The committee also said the words had 'caused a lot of pain and anguish.'

"'I'll tell you who suffered a lot of pain because of this incident,' Ms. Harder fired back to the committee yesterday.

"'It is the young man who was stabbed. I know him. I know his family very well, and I can tell you that this was not a slashing. This was a stabbing. He received a 4 1/2-inch-deep wound. He nearly lost a kidney." ["Harder won't retract comments," by Ron Corbett, June 27, 2003]

There were calls for her resignation. And calls for her to investigated under Canada's notorious Hate Speech laws

"The visible minority action committee asked police to investigate Ms. Harder for possible hate crimes. (Police said earlier this week no charges would be laid.)"

There was a meeting of the Equity And Diversity Advisory Committee of The City Council, at which the police had to be present to keep order, and a certain amount of weeping and wailing over the hate speech thing.

"The things Mark Zarecki heard at the meeting left him in a state of shock, almost terror.

"'The rhetoric in this room is reminiscent of the Nazis in the 1930s. The rhetoric towards non-white people, in my eyes, is evil,' said Zarecki, who says most of his family was murdered in the Holocaust."

I can't help feeling that it's the (non-white) young men with baseball bats and knives who were acting like more Hitler's Brownshirts than anyone likely to be elected to Ottawa city council.

They were, after all, beating people and stabbing them.

Steve Madely, in the Ottawa Sun, defended Harder in an article entitled "Telling The Truth Should Never Be Racist (June 26, 2003). He pointed out that the gang was committing a hate crime.

"Now Harder quotes from a police report on a non-white group of punks who came into her community during Barrhaven Days celebrations, met up with a couple of local recruits, then went and found 'em a fight in which a white victim was slashed and stabbed — it was a hate crime, and yet Harder is the one branded a racist."
I'm afraid that Madely is wrong about telling the truth. This kind of complaint only comes up when it's the truth that's the problem.

The truth upsets some applecarts - in this case the idea that mass immigration will have no effect on crime rates.

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Hate Speech Part Three

"The Newport Beach City Council is expected to apologize to the Latino community tonight for comments by Councilman Richard Nichols that many say show a patter of bigotry….

"In remarks reported by the Daily Pilot last month, Nichols said he opposed the expansion of grassy areas at Corona del Mar State Beach because 'with grass we usually get Mexicans coming in there early in the morning and they claim it as theirs and it becomes their personal, private grounds all day.' ["Apology, Ouster Request on Newport City Agenda," by Zeke Minaya, Los Angeles Times, July 8, 2003.

As VDARE.COM has said before, all modern political diseases are invented in Canada.

(Naturally, we don't include Toronto-born David Frum).

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