A Former Border Patrol Agent Says Biden's Border Rush Is So Bad Apprehensions Are Maxing Out The Government Computers
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Re: NATIONAL DATA: May 2021—Border Crossings, Immigrant Workforce Data Shows Biden Rush Continuing. Even GOP’s Ronna McDaniel Has Noticed!

From: A Former Border Patrol Agent [Email him]

I talked with one of my former colleagues who's down in Texas now.  He tells me that the statistics for apprehensions that are coming across the border every two weeks maxes out in the computer program at 9,999.  For the last few months, the Rio Grande Valley has been maxed out.  He said that Del Rio Sector is averaging between 500 and a 1,000 apprehensions per day.  Of course, that means that all the agents are inside processing and no one has a chance to go out and catch all the others who are just waltzing in.  

Morale is in the dumps and at least one guy I know who wanted to stick it out because he has kids in college decided to throw in the towel and retire.  

I asked my friend where all the illegal aliens are going.  In his experience, he said, a few to New York City and New Jersey, a few to Houston.  But, he said the overwhelming majority, close to 80% are headed to Florida.  

Think they are going to make Florida permanently blue?  

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