A Texas Reader Says That, As American Tourists Avoid Mexico, Mexicans Flee To U.S.
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From: Scott Collier (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Spring Break Collegians In Mexico Avoid Bullets

An increasing number of Mexican nationals buy home homes in the greater McAllen, Texas area because of the violence erupting in Mexico. [Border Security Fears Push Mexicans North, By James Osborne, The Monitor, March 19, 2008]

Since President Felipe Calderon ordered troops into the northern border states to combat drug-trafficking, shoot-outs between suspected cartel members and Mexican soldiers (as if there is a difference between the two) have become an almost daily occurrence.

Martial law has been imposed in Reynosa, with a strict curfew and soldiers patrolling the streets, and it has destroyed the local tourist, restaurant and nightclub industry. No one goes to Mexico anymore.

The nationals who buy houses in McAllen live in North Mexico but work in South Texas. However, now that they fear for their lives in their home country, they wish to purchase property in the United States where they feel safe.

Historically, wealthy Mexicans have always bought vacation homes in McAllen and traveled back and forth to their residences in Mexico.

But middle-class Mexicans buying houses in McAllen today have no intention of going to and from. As it becomes more and more difficult to cross the border, and as instability in northern Mexico increases, these people are making permanent moves to Texas.

Exactly how one can purchase property, reside and work in Texas while "living" in Mexico, without becoming a lawful citizen of the United States defies all logic and sensibility.

But this conundrum perfectly captures the insanity of the issues on the Mexican border America faces today.

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