A Texas Reader Says Mexican Trucks Driven By Mexican Nationals Brought Tragedy To His Hometown
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From: Scott Collier (e-mail him)

Here's an interesting item from my hometown of McAllen that includes some of VDARE. COM's least favorite subjects: illegal immigration, Mexican trucks driven by Mexican nationals, NAFTA and massive lawsuits filed by the family members of the four people killed that involve fifteen different legal firms [Lawsuits Fly in Pharr Bridge Inferno, By Sean Gaffney, The Monitor, March 19, 2008].

The cast of characters:

  • Autotransporte Cienfuegos and its driver, Pedro Noriega Perez

  • Ismael Rosas Guevara, a minivan driver killed in the pile-up.

  • Also killed were Mission resident Hugo Oswaldo Hinojosa, driver of a pick up that swerved to avoid the unfolding accident, struck the far wall and flipped, slid along the barrier until it hit a light pole and fell off the bridge, crushing him and his passengers, Daniel Rodriguez Hernandez and Santiago Paz Gonzalez.

Rodriguez, Perez, Guevara, Hinojosa, Hernandez and Paz Gonzales were Mexican nationals.

Local lawyers say that the case, wherein the trucking and rig companies, the city where the incident occurred (Pharr), and the paving company that placed the concrete barriers on the bridge have all been named in the suits.

Ironically, the city of Reynosa, Mexico, which shares the bridge with Texas, from which and to which the two Mexican trucks were heading, is not mentioned in any legal action.

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