A Texas Reader Says It's Time For Honesty And Self-Respect
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08/02/06 - AZ Reader Proposes Immigration Reform-Gun Rights Coalition

From: Christopher T. J. Sawyer [e-mail him]

Re: Bryanna Beven's Column: Carlos Mencia Can't Even Spell PC Ande Neither Can VDARE.com…Thank God!!

Thanks so much to Bryanna for adding humor to our immigration reform quest.

When Bryanna wrote this about Mencia, I knew she's right on!

"He (Mencia) noticed that, out in the audience, the Black people were laughing and the Whites were sitting silently…not because it wasn't funny but because they (like everybody else) didn't think they were allowed to laugh."

This what I detest most: the tippy toe Anglo political correctness and the fear of being honest as if truth in life and in relationships is hurtful.

If Americans had more self-respect and confidence in ourselves, we wouldn't flinch at ending the border catastrophe.

Fear destroys all things. Our fear of offending is making defending the border ridiculously difficult.

Sawyer's previous letter regarding the MSM and its influence on the Senate can be read here.

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