A Texas Reader Notes How Immigration Creates More Democrats In The Lone Star State
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From: Brian Welch (e-mail him)

Re: Allan Wall's Blog: Irving, Texas Hit By Hispanic Tidal Wave

My small, semirural Fort Worth exurb is, like Irving, constantly struggling with low Hispanic high school graduation rates.

Remember the "Hispanic tidal wave" Wall refers to is an assault on all fronts.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is lousy with increasingly vocal and active illegals, Hispanderers and apologists. Local immigration enforcement efforts—usually the only kind available in the face of a passive federal government—have yielded mixed results.

Meanwhile, as Bryanna Bevens once wrote, Dallas' Parkland Hospital gleefully churns out as many as 30 anchor babies a day. That means that in the four years since Beven's column approximately 45,000 future likely Democratic voters have been unapologetically welcomed into Texas at Parkland.

And that's just one hospital in one city!

When we add to the immigration mix politicians who are committed to the self-immolating idolatry of multiculturalism as well as those who simply have self-serving, cynical business interests at heart, leadership that derides the border fence except when giving it lip service to win political capital and the politically popular but patently stupid notion that adding millions of low-income wage earners to the tax rolls is a better plan for economic recovery than removing the fiscal albatross of public charges then despite Herculean efforts in many quarters, these demographic and political trends won't change anytime soon.

Welch is a US Navy veteran who works in the nuclear power industry that, he says, "hasn't been outsourced—yet –only because they haven't figured out a way to do it effectively". His letter about swine flu in Texas is here. Previous letters from Welch about Governor Rick Perry and Houston as a sanctuary city are archived here, here, and here. Read Welch's blog here.

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