A Wisconsin Reader Says Ron Paul Offers Hope; Other Candidates Are A "Disgrace"
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09/22/07 - Saturday Forum: A Retired U.S. Customers Officer Says Congress Is Fully Aware Of the Border Crisis; etc.

From: Paul

Re: Peter Brimelow's Column: Ron Paul "I Believe In National Sovereignty"

I am a patriotic American who opposes open borders and the pre-emptive war policies of the neo-cons and their disciple George Bush.

I am tired of throwing my vote away because the "other candidate doesn't have a chance".

This year, I am going to support and vote for Ron Paul. He has been unfairly portrayed as an irrelevant kook by the MSM. But in my opinion Paul is the only candidate that offers middle class Americans hope for a better future.

The other candidates, including Fred Thompson, are a disgrace.

Paul is a Vietnam  War veteran who served with the First Air Cavalry Division.

Send him mail c/o [email protected]
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