A Reader "On The Trail" Knows Who Saul Arellano's Father Is
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09/24/07 - A Texas Reader Living In The Sanctuary City of Austin Notes Bias In The Dallas Morning News

From: Jacki Junti (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Where Is The Father Of Elvira Arellano's "Citizen Child"?

I read in the Yakima Herald-Republic that Saul Arellano's father was a hop worker in Yakima, an eastern Washington town.

From a September 10 story comes the following information:

"It was when she (Elvira) began dating — and then became pregnant — by Saul's father, a hops field worker named Benjamin, that Arellano's life changed dramatically, relatives say.

"Arellano said he was angry and reprimanded her for not taking measures to prevent the pregnancy. He suggested she get an abortion.

"Heartbroken, Arellano refused to see Benjamin again.

"On Dec. 18, 1998, she gave birth to Saul at Providence Toppenish Hospital. His birth certificate does not name the father." ["Activists Road Runs Through Yakima," Joseph Treviño and Eloísa Ruano González, Yakima Herald-Republic, September 10, 2007]

The story has other interesting details of how Arellano got into the U.S., with the help of a coyote, and how she worked in a laundry and went to Mexican dance clubs.

Junti describes herself as a long time conservative political analyst known on the Internet as "Grassroots Granny". She has managed the WGEN e-mail network for over 11 years.

Joe Guzzardi adds: We had a ton of mail speculating on the circumstances surrounding Saul's birth. Among the reader responses included the theory that a rich agri-business tycoon impregnated Elvira. Another reader suggested Saul was the result of a sperm bank visit. Could Saul be, some wondered, the result of a misadventure when Elvira took to hooking to supplement her wages? And many readers thought that Saul's father chooses to remain "in the shadows" because it would be too embarrassing to have his affair with such a disreputable woman be public knowledge even though he is unlikely to be any better..

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