A Texas Lawyer Promotes The "Heritage American" And Speaks Out Against The Mexican Invasion And NAFTA
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From: Robert Buss, J. D. (e-mail him)

Re: Willis Papillion's Letter: Citing Black Job Loss, An African-American, Anti-Immigration Activist Calls For A Marshall Plan For Mexico

I am a "Heritage American,"—a term I use to describe native-born Americans and naturalized immigrants who have assimilated. Among us, we share a common language, customs and tradition.

Like Papillion, with whom I corresponded, I oppose the Mexican illegal immigration invasion.

As I told an articulate, knowledgeable and liberal African-American woman that I sat next to on an airplane flight, blacks with an enlightened position in opposition to immigration (think Allan Keyes) who speak out against their supposed mainstream voice (think Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Sen. Barack Obama) can do more than ten Anglos to end the immigration invasion before it destroys everyone except the filthy rich who are behind NAFTA and the New World Order that subordinates sovereignty to the almighty dollar.

Buss, who specializes in commercial and financial services law, is a cum laude graduate of the Loyola University Chicago School of Law. He writes that he is of Dutch and Irish-Italian extraction whose grandfather arrived at Ellis Island from Italy. Over the past seven years, Buss has become increasingly outspoken about issues like immigration that negatively impact all Americans.

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