Apology Inappropriate
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Dispatches From The Hogtown Front recently highlighted something I said in 2001

I suggest that the Western World in general and America in particular stop apologizing until we receive an apology (accompanied by suitable reparations), for the fall of Constantinople.

I'd like to revise and extend my remarks to say that NOBODY should apologize to Al Sharpton for anything until he apologizes for Tawana Brawley Hoax, and pays reparations to the people he got killed in Freddy's Fashion Mart, and stops making offensive remarks of his own.

Even though Imus remarks were actually offensive, even by the standards of those of us who have sworn upon the altar of God eternal never to be sensitive, it would be a bad thing if Imus, who is a rare opponent of amnesty in the media, were to lose his job over something like this.

And while I don't think Sharpton cares about amnesty, I do think David Brock does.

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