An Illinois Reader Reminds Us That There Is More Than One "MM"
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11/06/07 - A New York Reader And Fan Says Bruce Springsteen's "41 Shots" Is Another Pro-Immigration Song

From: Jake Jacobsen (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum Letter: A Pennsylvania Reader Asks A Good Question

This is in response to Joe Guzzardi's comment in his footnote to the above captioned letter that the initials "MM" are permanently reserved for Marilyn Monroe.

Guzzardi forgets one of VDARE.COM's regular contributors, Michelle Malkin.

The new "MM" is smart, talented and lovely.

And most importantly, Malkin is an outspoken voice on our side of true immigration reform.

Jacobsen maintains two blogs, "Freedom Folks" here and "Blogs for Borders" here. His previous letter, about treasonous Illinois politicians, is here. 

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