A Tennessee Reader Explains That The Immigration System Isn't "Broken", The Presidency Is Inflated
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Re: A Reader Wants To Know One Thing About Our Broken Immigration System–Who Broke It?

From: Kit Brewer (e-mail him)

The immigration system is not broken: the Presidency is inflated.  It needs to be pricked and drained just like a pus-filled sore.  The Constitution provides the needle, impeachment.

The country desperately needs for a president to be impeached. Obama should be impeached. Bush should have been impeached, even tried for treason for his "Islam is a religion of peace" comments. ["Islam is Peace" Says President, September 17, 2001 ]

The barrier to impeachment is the vast gulf in wealth between the plutocrats and the rest of us.  People like  Bill Gates and George Soros now have enough money to bribe not just the president (one man) but the entire US congress (100 senators, 435 representatives).

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