A Reader Wants To Know One Thing About Our Broken Immigration System—Who Broke It?
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Re: VDARE.com's VIDEO OPEN HOUSE From: Grey Stalwart [Email him]

Please make a statement debunking the "broken immigration system" phrase. Who "broke" the immigration system? The people going patiently through the legal process? The ubiquitous use of that term implies that an accident or act of God put us where we are at, thereby allowing blame to go unassigned.

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James Fulford writes: Derb and Peter both answered this in their own ways in the video party, which will probably be posted on YouTube later. (Both have been through the tedious legal immigration processes—see Time To Rethink Immigration and In The Belly Of The Beast.) But whenever I hear that the America has a broken immigration system, I say what it has is a broken deportation system. And the answer to who broke isn't immigrants—it was a bipartisan effort by both of America's political parties.

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