A Reader Is Concerned With Trey Gowdy's Plan To "Stop" Obama's Amnesty (Which He's For)
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From: A Concerned Reader [Email him]

Erickson has a good article out on Trey Gowdy letting John McCain fight amnesty (if you can believe that).

Boehner wants Gowdy to be the conservative face pushing amnesty like Rubio.

Trey Gowdy (R-SC) Says His Preferred Method of Stopping Obama is to Let John McCain Do It, By: Erick Erickson, RedState, December 4th, 2014.

Last July, Gowdy called Steve King's comments about there being more drug mules than valedictorians among the dreamers "reprehensible", probably without even asking if they were true. He also told National Review magazine last July that "you can't pay an American to pick blueberries."

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