A Talk Radio Listener Says WSJ's Henninger Wants Candidates To REFUSE TO ANSWER Questions On Immigration
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From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email Him]

On last night’s What Do We Do About Trump segment of the John Batchelor Show, Daniel Henninger, the Deputy Editorial Page Director of The Wall Street Journal, said that Republican candidates challenging the hated Donald Trump should refuse to answer when asked about immigration. [Listen On MP3 ]

He said they should talk about "the issues", which Henninger [Email him] defines not to include immigration or amnesty, and that they should continue detailing their policies on matters of importance to the WSJ Editorial Page regardless of the questions asked. He blasted the moderators for raising "tangential" matters such as the border wall.

Of course, the Israel border wall is not a "tangential" matter on the Batchelor Show. Just last night, Aaron Klein reported from Israel on John Batchelor show that even the left-wing Israel Labour Party now supports the border wall. [Breitbart’s Aaron Klein: Sanders’s Troubling Record On Israel, Breitbart.com, February 11, 2016] John Bachelor did not denounce them as racists or express concern about Israeli crops rotting in the fields.

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