A Talk Radio Listener Reports On The Awfulness Of Marco Rubio's Propaganda (Paid For By Mark Zuckerberg!)
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From: An Anonymous Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

A truly despicable ad featuring Marco Rubio is in heavy rotation on talk radio.

I turned on the radio twice during the Hannity show today. On both occasions, the Rubio ad was playing. I turned off the radio in disgust. I've heard the ad at least 20 times.

And I wasn't in the room with the radio at all times. It should be transcribed and attacked, line by line, as it's a succinct compilation of lies. All the filler has been removed to fit the dossier into a 30-second slot.

James Fulford writes: When I heard about this, I said, " "It can't be a Marco Rubio ad, he's not running for anything. Must be a Mark Zuckerberg ad." Oh, boy, is it ever! When I heard it, I was amazed. Listen for yourself, above. It's a pack of lies.

I found that video on the "Hispanic Leadership Network" (which is the Friends And Relations of Jeb Bush) but it was paid for by Mark Zuckerberg's Republican front group Americans for a Conservative Direction. I don't want to explain everything that's wrong with it—FactCheck.org has already done so in Zuckerberg-backed Group Spins Immigration,May 1, 2013. (Link via Jerry Kammer at CIS.)

I'm tempted to just point-and-splutter,  like Jennifer Rubin or Jacob Weisberg. I will, however, point out Rubio's amazing claim that amnestied illegals won't get Obamacare.

This is the same claim that, when  Obama made it in a speech to to joint session of Congress, caused Representative Joe Wilson to shout "You lie!"

Now we all know that Wilson apologized for shouting (if you're going to shout at the President when he lies, you'll always be shouting) and the President never apologized for lying.

But it was a lie, both from Rubio's lips and the Presidents. Anyone physically present in the United States can go to any emergency room, and the emergency room must treat them, that's the law.

It's only one of the many ways that Amnesty will cost the United States trillions, as Jason Richwine was pointing out for the Heritage Foundation just the other day—before he "resigned."

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