A Talk Radio Listener Recognizes A Third Generation Conservatism Inc. Drone Badgering Scott Walker
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From: An Anonymous Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

The New York Times has a story about Judge Ed Failor's grandson badgering Scott Walker on immigration:

24firstdraft-walker-iowa-tmagArticle[1]He repeated that view Friday after a speech in Cedar Rapids, when Eddie Failor, 24, expressed concern “as a young Republican” that the party must make inroads to new voter blocs, including by supporting a comprehensive overhaul of immigration.

Mr. Walker told Mr. Failor that his top priority would be securing the border. He also said he favored “making sure the legal immigration system is based on making our No. 1 priority to protect American workers and their wages.’’[Pressed by Young Republicans, Scott Walker Sticks to Tough Immigration Stance, by Trip Gabriel, April 24, 2015]

Linked by Mickey Kaus, who probably never heard of Judge Ed Failor, grandfather of Eddie Failor.

Failor, an Iowa municipal court judge, was an ally of William F. Buckley responsible for controlling Young Republicans in the 1960s and 1970s. (Other people were assigned to control YAF, including a hack named David Jones whose attempt to bully Stanford conservative activist Harvey Hukari led Harvey to withdraw Stanford’s YAF chapter from the national YAF.)

Failor's strategy was to dupe the clueless proles into supporting organization candidates for state and national YR offices who were run as issueless "conservatives", with plenty of money for travel and entertainment. One of Failor's standard tactics was to have state YR meetings require delegates to the national convention to vote as a unit for whichever candidates the leaders favored.

This made it impossible for opponents to mount a challenge after the delegates discovered that they had been duped. The enemy was an imaginary, Emmanuel Goldstein-like Rockefeller left that barely existed in Young Republicans. Once in power, Failor's puppets supported whoever Buckley ordered them to support, without any discernible ideology. Karl Rove was the most successful product of the Failor Strategy, although he may have emerged after the retirement or death of Failor.

Ed Failor, Jr. (son of Judge Ed) is a career hack in the Iowa Republican establishment and currently is an aide to Senate Republican leader Bill Dix. He previously ran Iowans for Tax Relief, where he was paid $205,829 in 2009.[ Departure of five Iowans for Tax Relief staffers shakes up Republican politics, by Jennifer Jacobs, Des Moines Register, April 27, 2011]

That makes young Ed Failor, who was urging Walker to support amnesty in the name of “new voter blocs” a third generation Conservatism Inc. drone.

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