A Suffolk County N.Y. Resident Is Outraged By The New York Times` Editorial Attack On Steve Levy—And On Us
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From: Connie Diadorus (e-mail her)

As a resident of Suffolk County, I am outraged at the scurrilous attack on our county executive Steve Levy by the New York Times editorial board, which has now sunk to journalistic depths lower than any tabloid.

In its editorial about the brutal killing of Ecuador native Marcelo Lucero, the Times indirectly accused Levy of being a primary cause behind the murder. [The High Cost of Harsh Words, Editorial, New York Times, November 18, 2008]

And it charged Levy with: 

  • Going on Lou Dobbs Tonight—imagine the nerve!
  • Trying to deputize county police to make immigration arrests and ridding the county work force of employees without papers.
  • Seeking to drive day laborers from local streets, yet rigidly opposing efforts to create hiring sites.

Levy's actions are completely legal and within his Constitutional rights. Most of all, they are sensible efforts to end the illegal alien problem that has overwhelmed Suffolk County

The editorial followed up on its totally unprofessional news story concerning the incident. [A Killing in a Town Where Latinos Sense Hate, by Kirk Semple, New York Times, November 14, 2008]

Since all of us in the patriotic immigration reform movement support Levy's efforts, the Times implicates us, too.

In the many years that I have read the Times, I cannot recall a single story it ever printed that centered on capital crimes committed by illegal aliens, although there have been hundreds.

Like everyone else, I deplore Lucero's murder and hope his killers are brought to swift justice.

But I point the finger at the Times and other like-minded newspapers that have refused to budge one inch on their blind support of open borders.

Had it done its journalist duty to report in a fair and balanced fashion, the Times could have raised awareness as well as public resistance to illegal immigration—and perhaps Lucero would be alive and well today in Ecuador.

Diadorus is a mother and housewife.

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