A Suburban Illinois Reader Watches PBS, Sees Illegals' Sob Stories From Switzerland
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From: A Suburban Illinois Reader [Email him]

Last night (September 14, 2014) I was channel surfing and ran across a show on PBS called POV. This edition was called Special Flights.” Checking the details of the show, I found out it was about illegal aliens in Switzerland. So knowing how these things play out, I had a full box of Kleenex at the ready. And boy did I need 'em!

Not for the illegal aliens mind you, my eyes got moist over how sweet the Swiss immigration officials were to the illegal aliens about to be deported. They were so busy being so sweet to the illegals that they forgot to tell them about the consequences of bad choices that people make by breaking another countries' immigration laws.

What was really revealing was the sense of entitlement these illegal aliens had. Most were from Africa. I think there was one guy from Serbia.

If it wasn’t for the subtitles I almost thought I was watching a La Raza show here because of all the platitudes, like: ”If I go back I’ll be killed”, “I have a wife and kid here”, “I’ve been here so long I can’t go back”, “You can’t break up families.”

Sound familiar?

Check out the comments section. Most of the commenters needed to borrow my almost empty box of Kleenex, except for one guy who said this:

“Acceptable proclamations: ‘Africa for Africans’, Asia for Asians’...but all European countries MUST be for 'everybody'.”
The hypocrisy of PBS is laughable.

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