An Underpaid Tech Worker Writes On Mark Zuckerberg's Plan To Destroy Economic Mobility For Americans
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From: An Anonymous Underemployed Tech Worker [Email him]

Breitbart has an article quoting Professor Ron Hira on what Mark Zuckberg is trying to do to American economic mobility:

Expert: Zuckerberg Trying to 'Cut Off' Economic Mobility for Working Class Kids with Foreign Workers, by Tony Lee, September 16, 2014
Just as this article described, my parents struggled on garment worker salaries to put all three of their children through college.  (I have two older sisters who were teachers in their day.)

It was hardest for them to get me through college given I was the last child and trailed my closest sister by some years, during which increases in college costs far outstripped the increases in my parents' income.  I managed to obtain two Bachelor of Science degrees in five years at a Big 10 institution, only to see all the sacrifice my parents made and now my twenty-five years of work experience go for less and less money so that some greedy idiot like Zuckerberg can make a few more billion dollars ... with the U.S. government in a hurry to help him out so they can line their pockets with his political contributions.

I really wonder if anyone stops to think about the day when people can't earn enough money to eke out a living (even with a college education), there's no income tax revenue for the government, all of the corporations have inverted overseas to avoid corporate taxes, and all of the foreign powers have acquired the technical expertise that once was the exclusive purview of the U.S.?

That will be a very, very ugly day, I think.


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