A Spanish Speaking Reader Says "Quiero Denunciar A Alguien"—We Say She's Out Of Luck
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Re: Juan Mann's FAQ: How can someone REPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS or criminal alien residents to the federal government?

From: Claudia

Subject: "Quiero Denunciar A Alguien"

Hola hay personas que no merecen estar en USA, es un pais de oportunidades, pero hay personas que mejor se regresen a asu pais, me pueden contestar en español.

James Fulford writes: I got this in email, and had no idea what it meant. Google Translate didn't help, so I had to ask Allan Wall to explain it. What she's saying is

I want to report someone

"Hello, there are persons that don't deserve to be in the U.S.A., it is a country of opportunities, but there are persons that should return to their country, you can answer me in Spanish."

Well, no, I can't. I'll ask Allan Wall, who can, to send her a note, but the answer is that unless she can show evidence of some additional crime, the government won't do anything. (We've had letters like this before.)

If you contact ICE by telephone—you can't email them—then it's likely that someone there will be able to speak Spanish, but people who've spoken to them in English say they simply refuse to act.

Contact information is here:http://www.ice.gov/contact/

And you can  call ICE toll-free at 1-866-DHS-2ICE, (866-347-2423) but when you consider that ICE bureaucrats have been saying they don't want to hear from local sheriffs, and that John Morton, head of the agency, has just issued a memo with an entire list of excuses for not acting, then there isn't much hope—as long as the Obama administration controls who gets deported. That  doesn't have to be forever. In fact, it doesn't have to last beyond 2012. But changing the enforcement culture will still take years.

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