A Non-Puritan Reader Lauds The Loose Women Who Help Bring Down Bad Politicians—We See It As An Excuse For Another Picture Of Ginger Lee
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06/24/11 - An Italian-American Immigration Patriot Joins Patrick Cleburne And Lou Barletta In Suspecting Lamar Smith's E-Verify bill

Re: A Reader Lauds The Patriotic Porn Star Who Brought Down A Pro-Immigration Congressman

From: Anonymous In Chicago, IL [Send him mail]

I would like to thank Vdare.com for honoring the patriotic activism of adult film star Miss Ginger Lee. She took down—and out—New York Congressman Anthony Weiner—graded F on immigration by NumbersUSA.com.

Let's face some unpleasant facts of life: It is virtually impossible to vote out of office entrenched political incumbents, including senile immigration traitors like Sen. Dick Lugar and Orrin Hatch—or various species of RINOs like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. But, the good news is that the American voting public is always interested in sex scandals—Gary Hart, Anthony Weiner, Bob Packwood, Larry Craig, Wayne Hays—few voters took the time to learn their immigration voting records—but they all got taken down because of... sex. That's life in our country, first settled by up-tight, no fun religious Puritan pilgrims, expelled from Merry Old England for being.... up-tight, no fun Puritans, whose obsession in life is that somewhere, someplace, someone is having a good time. It's the same with up-tight, no fun PC feminists—just the other side of the same terrible coin.

So I for one would like to encourage the patriotic actions of Miss Ginger Lee and all immigration patriot adult film stars, whores, prostitutes, bar flies, wenches, bimbos etc. God bless you Miss Lee and can we find some way to get you to work on the re-election campaigns of Sen. Dick Lugar and Orrin  Hatch?

Here's a very wholesome picture of Miss Ginger Lee—a small town Southern Gal fighting for our people/civilization.

James Fulford writes: I should probably stop running these letters. As far as I know, Miss Lee's actual opinions on immigration are those of a conventional liberal Democrat. Putting it another way, here are many conventional liberal Democrats whose opinions, manners, morals, and so on are those of porn star. But what the heck, it is a wholesome picture.

As for Weiner, I discover, searching through the archives, that he's not only the standard model left-wing amnesty type, he was instrumental in putting through a bill to import " Hot Looking Foreign Babes" as Rob Sanchez put it, a bill to import foreign models on what's called a P visa, which models would presumably displace blonde American women like Miss Lee. See Rob Sanchez's 2008 item

Rep. Weiner Rewarded For Letting Foreign Foreign Babes Do The Modelling That American Girls Would Be Happy To Do

Remember Rep. Anthony Weiner (D, NY)?

In case you don't, he thinks there is a shortage of beautiful fashion models in the United States. Weiner hopes to fix the problem by giving about 1,000 P visas to foxy foreign ladies every year so that they can come to our country to strut their stuff in front of adoring audiences. [New immigration controversy: Foreign models may flood U.S.! July 02, 2008][More]

Weiner received cash donations from grateful modeling agencies [Modeling $$ Boost For Weiner , By David Seifman , NY Post, July 18, 2008] Whether he received anything else from grateful foreign models, we can't say.

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