A Southern Illinois Reader Has Had It With Movement Conservatism
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Re:  Derbyshire, Weissberg, And Dog-Whistling: Conservatism Inc's Uneasy Balancing Act, by James Kirkpatrick

From: William Clough [Email him]

Having thought of myself as a conservative for all of my adult life, the trouble I have with the “conservative movement” is most of what they do isn't conservative. It seems mostly designed to con ordinary people into supporting policies that benefit the upper classes only.

What's conservative about starting one war after another and borrowing money to pay for them? Or shutting down the Bill Of Rights in an endless 'war on terror'? Tax cuts by themselves aren't conservative, not when deficits are being put through the roof because spending cuts didn't go with the tax cuts.

John McCain is a perfect example of this, he's not conservative, he never has been, he's a big government warmonger. And, he's an upper class snob who doesn't know how many houses he has, also he doesn't know or care what immigration policies have done to the U.S. I would say that Mitt Romney is the same kind of man.

Talk radio blowhards like Lord Haw Haw Limbaugh have done a fantastic job of constantly interjecting Fascism into the conservative movement, and pretending that it's conservative, when it's mostly turning the rich into Dukes and Duchesses who cannot be publicly criticized or questioned, setting up a police state and cheer leading for endless wars and torture.

The conservative movement should be about protecting our society, traditional values, English as the language, Christianity, ethnic European Americans. Defending European traditions should be its first goal. Instead they're trampling all over themselves to crush the “rights of Englishmen” in a police state. I wish the conservatives would spend as much time deporting illegal foreigners as they do moaning and whining about the wealthy paying taxes.

William Clough says Southern Illinois is not the same as Chicago

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