A Louisiana Reader Agrees With Patrick Cleburne— Drudge Is Refusing To Post Immigration Outrages
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Re: Patrick Cleburne’s blog item Even BBC Noted 100 Illegals Maltreated By Coyotes In Texas - But Drudge Ignores

An Anonymous Louisiana Reader[Email him]

Patrick Cleburne is correct about Drudge refusing to post news reports detailing out-of-control illegal immigration along the southern border. Drudge also won't print stories showing spillover violence from Mexico.  

Two  or three times a year I make a trip to the border, U.S. side, more specifically, deep southeast Texas, often called "The Valley," or "El Valle." 

Daily on  the webpage of the local TV stationThe Monitor (McAllen's local paper) or The Brownville Herald, you can see stories about illegal immigrant safehouses, van rollovers or crashes (with, invariably and tragically, often 20 or more aboard) and general mayhem, such as kidnappings and killings linked to narcos down south.  And, of course, all the tons of drugs seized at the bridges or in the general area.

Some examples might help.  From the last month, two stories from The Monitor:

Also, last fall Allan Wall reported on the narco shooting on the interstate that runs through McAllen. [Mexican Drug Cartels Taking Over Rick Perry’s Texas—But He Still Says “No Fence” By Allan Wall on October 18, 2011]  It was confirmed to be spillover.  Drudge didn't post it.

I've sent maybe a dozen or so of these stories to Drudge in the last year.  Not ONE has been posted.  I later see them posted on AP, CNN, Reuters, etc.  But not Drudge.

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