McCain Book Out—"Myth Of A Maverick"
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Matt Welch usually has something interesting to say, and his new book, McCain: The Myth of a Maverick , will no doubt be fascinating. (Welch believes that a President McCain would send more troops overseas—I just wish he'd save a few for the US Border.)

"Maverick," of course, means

  • totally without party loyalty
  • unconcerned with the wishes of his constituents, or Americans in general
  • extremely friendly with members of the conventional media—he panders to them, they pander to him, and that's why they call him a "maverick" rather than, say, a hatemonger.

There's only one problem, which I hope won't hurt Welch's sales too badly—McCain is at around 1 percent in the Presidential race. The reason? His support of the massive failed immigration bill.

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