A Southern California Asks If VDARE.Com Is Going To Hold Any Conferences; We’re Hopeful
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From Robert In California [Email him]

Does VDARE.com ever put on any conferences?

I live in Southern California (work in Riverside but commute from the Morongo Basin which is still majority white.) I know American Renaissance does a conference, Chronicles does stuff in Illinois, and I would like to go to the NPI’s upcoming event but cannot. It seems that at some point personal face to face bonds must be made and strengthened if we are ever going to have a chance at maintaining the quality of life that our people are capable of. 

 It is not enough for me to read articles on line during my lunch hour no matter how right they are, if afterwards I have to deal with some vato staring me down at every gas station and Wal-Mart I walk into. 

Southern California has fallen to foreign people, and I cannot survive alone, or with only two or three families that also know the truth of our situation. We are being overwhelmed. I am planning on eventually leaving Southern California, which I have been putting off due to the fact that I have a good job, but I know the solution is not running away, especially since there is really nowhere to run, there is no Galt’s Gulch.

The only solution is forming a real-life community.

James Fulford writes: We just did what we call a Webinar in January—I spoke at it myself—which the closest thing we’ve had to a conference, although most people attended online.(For people who are interested, you can order DVDs here.)

The physical meeting was nowhere near California, though. What we’d really like to do is have a meeting on a cruise ship, possibly cruising off Baja California, which Peter Brimelow once said  should be annexed by the US.

But don’t wait for us! Community is where you find it, in your community, your church, or your social club. Readers in the area of Riverside or the Morongo Basin   area can email Robert.  

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