A Fed-Up-With-Globalism-Reader Offers Additional Explanations For Lowered White Female Employment, Life Expectancy
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item The ATLANTIC: White Female High School Dropouts Dying Younger, Getting Fewer Jobs, "No-One Knows Why." We Have A Suggestion.

A Fed-Up-With-Globalism-Reader [Email him]

James Fulford says in his blog post that

For white low-wage employees, the difference between America "a few decades ago" and today is explained by mass immigration. Those women would have more jobs and better jobs if it weren't for millions and millions on low-wage immigrants.

In addition to legal and illegal immigration, an off-shored economy (NAFTA and GATT) and so-called "right to work" laws (at minimum wages) are to blame as well.

James Fulford writes: I would not personally have included "right to work" laws because for one thing, I don’t think unions would necessarily help, given their recent positions. Pat Buchanan discussed the recent success of such laws in a column titled The Fall Of The House Of Labor: Unions Are Dying Because Economic Patriotism Is Dead. When neither capitalists nor labor leaders are willing to fight for American prosperity, we’re in trouble.


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